Thursday, March 28, 2013


Chris had some pictures hiding on his phone that I haven't had the chance to share yet. Enjoy!

This is the day we picked up the bus. They had just finished removing the seats.
It was very dirty!

At least it came with a broom!

This is the radiator contraption we removed. We recovered about 2 gallons of
fluid from the hose, strained it and will reuse for the radiator in the engine.

Scrubbing away at the inch of thick ickness along the walls

Dumpster Diving for wood!

Our Tub Arrived. Winston is not amused with the new addition.

Just Right fit!

We're thinking it will go about here
Today we're preparing to paint the ceiling and floors so that we can get that done this weekend.

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  1. Bad ass! I'm so proud of you guys! Great work so far, can't wait to take a big bubble bath with you all (Winston and Willow are welcome too!)