Friday, October 10, 2014

Butcher Block Countertops

The pictures below are of our butcher block countertops and show the process of me oiling them last week. I wrote about the pros and cons of living with butcher block countertops in a post onTiny House Listings. You can check out that post here! Be sure to subscribe to Tiny House Listings to see my weekly blog post on tiny living!

Chris cutting the countertop with our brand new saw blade

Marking out the opening for our sink
Every 4-6 months I oil the countertops to keep them from drying out too much or cracking. Although I originally used mineral oil on them I switched to Teak oil. Though it gives them a nicer shine, it has a strong smell so I plan to go back to mineral oil after the teak is used up.

Teak oil going on the countertops

Let the teak oil sit for about 30 minutes before wiping

I removed the stove in order to oil the cut edges of the countertop around its opening
 The stove area and directly around the sink get oiled extra throughly. They're most prone to damage due to the dry heat of the stove and the excessive moisture from the sink.

After the teak oil is wiped it leaves a nice shine.
Wait 3-4 hours before putting things back on the counters.

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