Thursday, October 30, 2014

Calling all Bus Nuts, Skoolies, Bus Converters and anything else you call people who live in buses!

This post is going out to everyone who reads this blog that is building or lives in a converted school bus.

Our bus wouldn't be half of what it is if it weren't for the inspiration and encouragement of our fellow bus friends. I decided to create a page on our website to act as a catalog for future bus nuts that will be dedicated to sharing the links and info of other bus conversions, completed or in progress, so that others can continue to be inspired and fascinated by the ingenuity that is the skoolie community.

If you would like your bus to be included on this page please email the following information to

All of the requested information is optional. Don't include any information you don't want public on this page.

  • The name of your bus and website/page, 
  • Your Name(s)
  • The Make, Model Year of your bus
  • Your home state and/or city
  • 1 or 2 Pictures of your bus

I'll make the page live once I get a few people who are interested.

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