Sunday, May 11, 2014

Swooning over Tiny House Swoon

We're so excited to share that our lovely bus has been posted on the Tiny House Swoon website! This site was one of our major sources of inspiration during the design phase of building the bus and is a continued source of awe and admiration. It's an honor to be included among the other Tiny Homes of the world and we've received some very encouraging and thoughtful comments from fellow Tiny House Swoon followers.

For all of our new friends, welcome! Sadly, I'm not as good at posting blog updates as some of my fellow tiny house bloggers. So if you'd like regular updates on the bus I recommend you like us on facebook at .Also, to anyone who may be interested in converting a school bus or is already in the process, please feel free to connect with us directly. We'd love to help in anyway we can!


  1. I'm so impressed by the quality of your work. Beautiful!
    Plus I'm grateful for you turning me on to the ceramic paint additive. I'd never heard of such a thing.
    Is that an Orego alcohol stove? What was the price & where did you find it?
    Peace & blessings, Terry

  2. Your link to the Faceboon page is broken. The link extends to include the space and period so easy enough to remedy for those who see it but not for those who are more technology illiterate.
    Love this bus- have only see the Tiny House Swoon post, went to Facebook, and am about to dig in! :-)